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Sobahn Restaurant

This week, I have been at Sobahn restaurant with my friend. This is a Korean restaurant in Overland Park, KS. The restaurant is about Korean BBQ in general but what make it different than other Korean BBQ restaurant is that you don’t have to cook the meat at the table. Instead, they do it in the kitchen for you and bring the ready to serve disk to the table and you can enjoy it right away.

Me and my friend ordered 3 most popular dishes of the restaurant which are: Bulgogi, marinated short rib, and the tofu with egg drop soup. All were perfect, especially the bulgogi. The meat is tender and I can feel it melted in my mouth when I tried it. The soup was hot and spicy but it were not over spicy so it tasted so good and bring a little bit heat for your body. Also, just as many other restaurants, it always come with some of the side dishes that you can have and ask for more for free.