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My name is Quan from Vietnam. This is my first semester here in MCC. I have studied here in KC 3 years ago at Avila university. After that I move to California on my OPT and work there for 1 year a nd then decide to come back here to pursuit my AAS in Software Development. My last degree was MBA concentrate on Marketing at Avila. However, I realize my love with coding rather than doing business thing. That’s why I want to get another degree from where I used to live and get used to.

About me, I like to play online game in free time. Right now, I’m playing League of Legends, Overwatch and Battle Ground. Especial ly, I have played LOL for almost 6 years now. I also enjoy playing guitar. I’m not really a good guitar player but playing guitar help me much in lessen the stress in everyday life.

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Email: s1462968@student.mcckc.edu

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